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What We Have Been Doing!

Amber and I have had a very busy summer! We have been in the middle of IVF and some major events in Washington. We are so very close to the end of IVF and covet your prayers for these final stages we are currently in.

In July, we screen "Sound Of Freedom" for Congress. Jim Caviezel, Tim Ballard, Eduardo Verastegui and others joined us, along with Speaker McCarthy and about 173 Members of Congress. WOW, what a night it was! God moved and Congress is working on bills to help correct this horrible issue that plagues our world today.

We are gearing up for our next big outreach, so we ask that you pray over this!

We are also praying about an RV to help as we travel to churches to speak and sing. With Amber's high risk while trying to get pregnant and God willing, being pregnant soon, we will need something for her to ride in that is comfortable. Prayers for that as well!

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