A Historic Night Of Unity Through Film

I must say that my cup is overflowing today.  After four months of intense planning and work, we held a historic screening in the Rayburn House Office building on Tuesday the 12th of September.  I am more than grateful for the work of so many to make this happen.  From the folks who prepared the food, to the Congressional offices who paved the way for everything to run smoothly, it was truly a wonderful evening.  A huge thanks is in line for Rep. Louie Gohmert and his amazing staff for their dedication and work.  Tears flowed all evening as folks watched the powerful film "A Question Of Faith".  Members of the 115th Congress, ministry leaders and actors from the film filled the room, but what made the night so special, was the midnight tour given by Rep. Gohmert.  I have been on countless tours by the Congressman over the years, but this one was extra special.  It was truly a privilege to lead in Prayer on the House floor before we left the Capitol building.  The Congressman said something so powerful at the beginning of the evening that I will never forget.  "Congress is a mirror of the people in this great land.  Revival will not start here in Congress.  Revival will only happen when the people of America get right with God.  Congress will then only mirror what the people are."  I truly believe that God is doing something special here in Washington, but It is a mirror of what He is doing around this great land.  I am forever indebted to Him for His care and mercy in my life.  I am but a servant in His house, and that is enough for me.  This is just part of the ministry we are so blessed to do here in Washington.  Continue to pray for us and if you feel so led, partner with us in what God is doing.  





Director at Hope To The Hill

Washington DC


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